7 Best Instagram Apps on Shopify Every UK Store Owner Should Use

7 Best Instagram Apps on Shopify Every UK Store Owner Should Use

Instagram is the ultimate playground for UK businesses and brands to present their product collections, get closer to customers, and sell online! We present to you the top 7 Instagram apps that can be integrated with your Shopify store!


With millions of active users, online buyers, and influencers, the Instagram community has become a playing field for many businesses and brands from all over the world to acquire new followers, grow traffic, and market branded products.


According to the latest research, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. As such, it becomes important for brands to showcase their products right on one of the most engaging platforms these days.


From contests, hashtags, giveaways to user-generated content, UK brands can now upscale their product sales, as well as, their customer engagement.


While there are lots of apps on Shopify, we’ve made a list of the best 7 apps every UK-based website owner should install right now:


1. Social Media Stream: This app is best for streaming Instagram content on your online store or website. It allows users to stream content from the Instagram feed of the brand. The features of this app offers can be also used for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.


2. Instafeed: This app is best for promoting your Shopify store and brand on your Instagram page. The app allows you to create Instagram posts, customize the posts, and share them with your customers.


3. Showcase: If you are looking for an app that will help you create shoppable Instagram galleries, look no further as this is the perfect one for you.


4. Gleam: The best app for running contests on social media. With this app’s widget, you can run an Instagram campaign to promote user rewards, as well as, community engagement. Gleam guarantees a seamless mobile experience for UK brands.


5. Snapppt: Another app for creating shoppable and unique Instagram posts. The app is also great for measuring and analyzing user insights and turning every photo into a sale.


6. Smilo IO: The best app for consumer engagement via referral programs, loyalty points, VIP programs, and more. Smilo IO allows UK brands to empower customers into more user-generated content through social shares and referrals.


7. Insta Show: An ann specialized for displaying Instagram photos on your Shopify store. You can showcase any Instagram photo on your website.


There you go – the best apps to download and use right now!

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