6 Shopify Apps to Help Your Australian-based Business Generate More Sales

6 Shopify Apps to Help Your Australian-based Business Generate More Sales

The key to increasing sales is finding more customers! Here are 6 great apps from Shopify that can help your Australian-based business generate more sales!


Concluding a sale is the biggest success of any business. Every business wants to generate more customers, sales, and revenue, but unfortunately, additional sales don’t happen so simple. Improving sales numbers is difficult for every business, regardless of what you sell.

The ultimate key to maximizing sales is finding more customers, promoting your products to them, and finding the best way to turn them into paying customers.


If your business is based in Australia and you’ve just decided to use Shopify platform to establish an online presence, you are in luck – ecommerce solution Shopify makes it super simple to set up, design, and run an online store. The platform also offers a selection of apps that can help you take advantage of social media to acquire more customers:


  • Socialphotos:

    This app allows you to use the power of Instagram content. With this app, you can find, save, and post Instagram media to your online store. What’s great about this app is that it helps you build brand awareness, as well as, credibility.

  • Instagration: An app that allows you to integrate photos from your Instagram page to your online store. With a few clicks on a button, you can expose your customers to the media you post to your Instagram page so that you can gain more attention, new customers, and buyers that will spread the word of your brand.
  • Cyfe: This app is a must! When using this app, you can track everything – from sales to social media interactions. Also, you can monitor your business data in one location in real-time.
  • Checkout Boost: An app that helps you decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate by motivating users with a free shipping, free gift, discount, and more. Once the shoppers share their shopping cart on social media and invite friends to visit your store, they will receive the gits.
  • AdShoppers Social Marketing App: This app can make your online store more social. It makes it super easy for you to add social sharing buttons and options to product listings in your online store. Not only does this app make being socially available easier, but it also tracks social shares. You can see which websites drive the most traffic.
  • Kit: A CRM app that will definitely make your life easier. When you integrate your Shopify store, Kit, and your Facebook page, it pulls information to create profiles of your best targets.


These 6 apps can help your Australian-based business generate more sales, integrate user-generated content into promotional campaigns, and connect with a wider audience.

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